Our region

In the heart of Europe, at the crossroads between Belgium, Italy, France, Germany and Austria, Switzerland opens its doors at the Montreux Miniature's Show.

Do you know Montreux?

Yes, tourist town of 28,000 inhabitants, one hour from Geneva, ideally located in the heart of Europe Lake Geneva, the largest lake in Europe!

City flagship Swiss Riviera, Montreux is best known for its famous Jazz Festival.

Montreux is located east of the northern shore of Lake Geneva, the center of what is called the Swiss Riviera one hour by train or car from the international airport of Geneva.

What else do you know?

It's good place to live, the climate is mild and that many celebrities have chosen to live with it Security find this difficult nowadays.

Montreux is also scenery breathtaking, palm trees at the edge of Lake Geneva, overlooking vineyards the best wines, facing the Alps and glaciers, as well as Belle Epoque style buildings full of history.

Website: montreux.ch