Information for exhibitors


The assembly of stands according to the plan which will be provided and according to the selected candidates, will begin on Friday at 17h00. ET to be completed on Saturday at 09h30. All the Exhibitors provide with their own material (posters, tape, taken triples, extensions ...) with the exception of requested tables and chairs that will be placed by the organization on the stand.

Electrical cables should be taped to the floor to avoid disturbing the flow of visitors.

We also remind you that the Swiss electric sockets are not compatible with the French format, do not forget your adapters!


To avoid misunderstandings, the tables will be reproduced on pallets provisions when dismantling on Sunday afternoon at 17h00. A little help exhibitors and clubs will welcome to the dismantling of tables.

Exhibitors parking

250 parking spaces are available next to the Omnisports hall.

Warning: parking on Saturday is not free.

Parking is free on Sunday.

You can use the mobile application below to pay your parking fees.


Delivery parking

The deliveries parking is available for loading, unloading equipment only (no long-term parking). In case of problems with the Police, the Montreux Miniature's Show will be discharged. To all the care to respect the rules.

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Foreign traders are advised to check with the Chamber of Commerce to establish their region adequate steps to facilitate the passage of Customs.